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   TreesAreLife.org is a project dreamt up by Steve Howard. He has always loved trees and knew from a very young age that they were important in ways he knew he did  not yet understand. As time went on he found that not only did he enjoy being around trees but they gave us oxygen, cleaned the air, cooled the air in summer, slowed the wind in winter, cleaned water by soaking it up and respirating it out filtered, also by drinking the water they cut down on flooding, they hold soil from eroding, they give us topsoil by the leaves and then the wood eventually decaying, they are homes for birds and animals (which would need their own page to list benefits -- that is if we have to have anything more on there than the importance of them just being for their own sake and the same for the trees), they also can help create memories to be carried for a lifetime. Earth needs trees. We need a healthy ecosystem and they are a big part of it.

   So he realized these things and has put forth efforts to make sure trees are planted but more needed to be done and he saw by example of many people that if there is a great need, all one must do is decide to act upon it and do what one can to get others to join in the effort. So, as a branch of a music and art for Peace project he started (SoundsLikePeace.org) he is now setting this into motion which is planned to grow in the same way a tree grows...up and out...individuals and groups can and should work on getting trees (and as much native to the area plants) growing. Many more things like growing your own food, organic growing, food co-ops, getting people aware of the problems associated with pesticides and fertilizers, etc will be needed, but trees are at the top of Steve's list and he hopes they are for you too.

   As more pople become involved there will be more info about them, what brought them to doing what they do and there will be pictures, but for now the site is getting built, info compiled and a reaching out to those that want to help get this project growing and healthy so we can get hundreds and thousands and milllions and billions (if each person on Earth planted just ONE tree, we would add 7,000,000,000 right away!) of trees growing for the tree's sake, for the animal's sake, for the human's sake....for all of us. For we all depend on the same things...clean air and water being critical.

        07 April 2012

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[Home] [About Us] [How to Start a Tree!] [Have Trees to Give Away - or - Want Trees?] [Needs] [Pics Vids & Stories] [Links] [Donate] [Contact ]
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